Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is someone you know making you feel discouraged?

Undoubtedly you know someone in your life who thinks artists are just ‘playing’. Trust me, I know these people. When you say you want to be an artist – or that you are an artist they will immediately find ways for you to feel like that’s not a real job. This is where you really have to decide how to handle these people. Not only how to handle them (or hopefully get away from them), but how to NOT let their negative attitude get to you. We all come across negative people and sometimes - although I recommend avoiding them - you can't. Maybe they're part of the family or someone you just met. It can be a challenge to be proud of what you do when faced with negativity, but you can do it. I've found that quick, short answers are best because you don't want to argue or engage in conversation with these kind of people - you just want to shut them up. Have a sense of humor and realize when someone is negative - it usually has to do with THEM and nothing to do with you. Try quoting something positive you've heard someone say about your work and your dreams. For example: "Well, it's all in how you look at it. I've heard people say I'm going to be very successful someday." Or "Well, I feel the best way to succeed is to do what you're good at." or "I feel positive about my future." Smile, then drop the subject or walk away if you can.

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Kathy L said...


I loved these blog entries. I often feel I am going in circles...I am serious about my work but my feeling has been that if good things happen, I will build on them. Being a stay at home Mom, I am lucky that I can enjoy my art for me..right now anyway. Your words were inspirational! I must design a brochure soon (I do have MS publisher so that should be fun).