Sunday, March 16, 2008

think like a professional

Besides keeping a positive attitude you need to think like a professional. I once heard someone say that if you want something you need to start acting like you already have it. That’s great advice. Imagine yourself doing what you want and see if there is some of that behavior you can do right now. Even if you’re working at a job you’re not particularly crazy about. Even if you have no extra money to spend on your art. Even if it’s very hard to imagine. It’s your life. If you feel like an artist, you are an artist. Being an artist isn’t about selling. Yes, the selling and making money will come if you make it happen, but you can still ‘be’ an artist just by believing you are one and then acting like it.

I somehow just got this image of someone ‘acting’ like an artist wearing a beret and saying pretentious things. I don’t mean lying to yourself or anyone else. Be honest. Maybe you feel like the truth is ‘I wish I could be an artist because I like to draw and paint, but I’ve never had any training or sold anything because I’m not that good.’ But is the REAL truth ‘I’m an artist. I haven’t sold anything yet, because, until recently, I haven’t taken it seriously enough.’?

When I say ‘acting like an artist’ let’s start with the basics – making art. DO the art you want to do, have a business card made so people can contact you, tell someone what you do, take some free moments to look up art shows online, enter an art show, have slides made of your work. The list goes on and on. You get the point.

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