Sunday, December 9, 2007

more on promoting yourself - advertising

Advertising in newspapers, magazines, etc. is very costly. I believe our lives are so complicated nowadays, there are so many events to go to, so much to do, see, and read about that paying for an ad is mostly a waste. Not many people actually read them. What people DO read however are short, to the point articles on a front page with a colored photo. So, great – how do you get that accomplished? It will probably be easier than you think.

Start with creating something newsworthy. What’s newsworthy? Well, this is where your brainstorming skills come in. Has anything new happened? Have you gotten into a National show? Are you having a local show and giving part of the profits to a good charity? Do you have a new business or a new website? Are you teaming up with another artist? Are you being featured in a local gallery, teaching a new class? Don’t be shy. What are you doing that people should know about?

What people don’t always realize is that newspapers are looking for ideas. When you present an idea to a reporter or editor they usually want to write about it. Or better yet – YOU write about it in a press release and send it to them. This takes pressure off of them but still fills the newspaper. The easiest way is to email it and this is really the preferred way nowadays. But because they are very busy and under daily deadlines they often overlook a press release so you have to remind them without being obnoxious. This can be tricky. You don’t want to get arrested on stalking charges. When I worked at my office job my boss taught me one important thing when we were calling companies and trying to find people. He said “make friends with the gatekeeper.” – meaning the secretary or whoever answers the phone. So, go ahead and call as a follow-up and it's usually appreciated.

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