Thursday, December 6, 2007

Promote yourself

This is for Bob (even though you once said being a freelance artist sounds like too much work : )

Promoting yourself is something often difficult for artists since it seems like your art should speak for itself – but if you don’t promote yourself – who will? I have my days where I would just like to sit in my studio and have the public come to me. Being in business is being in business, even if your business is art. The more you see it this way the easier it will get. Just don’t lose the creative side of yourself in promoting yourself. You must find the balance between the two.

Business cards are a very basic way to start. They are something small that you will keep with you at all times. When someone wants to know what you do, you can hand out a business card. It’s especially nice to have a website so that people can see your work.

Brochures are an extension of your business card. Brochures are for people who are serious about your work. They will be more expensive to print than business cards so you don’t want to just hand them out to everyone. Give them out to people who take the time to really look at your work and talk about it.

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