Saturday, November 3, 2007

You're good enough

Don’t waste time thinking you’re not good enough. If you feel passionate about what you’re doing I am willing to bet you are good enough. Good enough to make it in some area of art doing what you do best. Take a look around you. It’s not always the most talented, but it is often the artists who believe in themselves who get jobs. If you don’t believe you can do it than no one else will. I’ve learned a lot by trial and error. Most of all I ask you to please not let rejection or negative comments from people get in your way. I have faced many, many rejections and I always try to learn from it. Maybe the lesson is something I can change. Maybe the lesson is simply – this is not the show for me, so I won’t enter it again. Whatever it is, feel it and move on to the next thing. If art is your passion you should never give up. Just take it day by day and follow your dream. It may not manifest in exactly the way you imagined, but it will happen.


Larry said...

Hey Mary,
good advice. A person's art is their personal expression but it is not them. and it can be very hard to keep the two seperate. don't take it personal and try to learn something from the experience. Easy to say kind of easy to type and too often hard to do. But you need to try and get beeter with each try.

Mary said...

Yes, I know - and as good as I get at rejection, I still have to just shake it off! : ) Hey, CC said they might start closing early so we might have to find another place for our coffees.

Larry said...

Oh oo about CC that doesn't sound good for their future.
I don't know the area up there so I don't have any suggestions.

See ya