Wednesday, March 19, 2008

no excuses

The point of that letter is really that there are no excuses. There are ways if you find them. If you make excuses you just aren’t making your art a priority. It’s that simple. Maybe you can only spend five minutes on your art each day. It sounds like it’s almost not worth it if that’s all you have to give. But – five minutes a day is almost thirty-one hours in a year. That sounds a bit better, doesn’t it?

I guess we all need to be reminded that life is finite and we should spend our time on worthwhile things. Sure, the laundry does need to be done and some basic housekeeping each day – but don’t let society and the fear of what other people think keep you from doing what is REALLY important to you. We all know how fast a year can go. MAKE the time. Cut out something else. Realize that small steps really DO add up. I had someone say to me once that when they die they don’t want people to talk about how someone could eat off her kitchen floor because it was so clean… she wanted people to remember the kind of person she was and the art she left behind. That says it all to me. It’s our life and we owe it to ourselves to live the life we were meant to live.

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Anonymous said...

I have been having the most delightful time this afternoon reading your Blogs and all the wonderful stuff on your website! I am so glad you are my instructor!

Your website is so beautifully designed and colored. And I am inspired by reading your counsel on making the time for our art - I am just now getting to where I am putting my drawing at the top of my list - and as I do, I find the other 'stuff' I'm responsible for moves more quickly out of my day - done in a hurry!